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Wedding Tree of Life

We started with the symbolism of the Tree of Life as it relates to marriage. Then we looked at several interpretations of the Tree of Life through drawings, photos, mosaics or paintings, seeking an idea that we might include in our design. We found one with deep roots as part of the story and she breathed in with a surprised tone in her voice and said, “That’s us!”.

Soon after, we decided that the size of the Wedding Family Mosaic would be two feet by three feet. We created the template and gathered the colored glass. We then committed to working two hours every week on the project and many of the weeks her entire new family participated.

The best part of creating family mosaics is getting to know the people involved week after week as they get closer to their wedding date. Working on a mosaic also means processing life in a gentle way as I get to hear little pieces and stories of the two becoming one.

Making this mosaic, from the initial design all the way to putting in the details of the tree and the birds, was truly satisfying at each stage. The best stage, of course, is the grout phase where everything you hoped would be highlighted actually comes through in the completed piece.

In the end, this beautiful mosaic was included into the wedding ceremony—yes, it was front and center and referred to many times during their ceremony. (I wish I had pictures of that, but unfortunately I don’t.)

Enjoy the photos below taken during the hours of creating this once in a lifetime mosaic.

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