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Dancing Family

This was the year of light it up!

As I thought of this family, all I wanted was to make them happy. They are the blare-the-music, dance-it- out kind of family, especially during tough times. So for them, I decided to use a simple design, but added lights behind it to add power and pizzazz. I fused the heads of the big people and the whole bodies of the little people, the rest was simple sheet glass.

I remember taking several trips to various stores to get the lighting to behave. The experimentation was a fun part of the process. At first, we had the wrong background, but then we pulled it all out and replaced it with two different types of white frosty glass... perfect!

Enjoy photo’s of my process. This family is still very dear to us!

#Family #meaningfulmosaics #colors #lightshow #addalittlecolortoyourlife

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