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The Middle

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Before the leaf went in...

We have had four to five sessions with this fall mosaic so far. We might be completely done (with the piecing part) by the time this post goes up. Our photos below will reflect the progress. The next stages are the cement and then the grout with drying time in-between. This piece has smoothly gone together, except for one or two tense moments which are totally normal for a piece this size. I lost track of how many hands participated in putting the glass tiles in place, somewhere between 9-12.

Last Friday, was her last full week of radiation, and this week she will say goodbye to radiation for good. The celebration will be loud!! She thoroughly enjoys these Friday gatherings; it has given her something to look forward to. As the side effects have gotten more intense week after week, gathering together weekly you can see brings her life.

In a few more weeks, we will have a table that will commemorate the radiation part of her cancer story and the people who were there for her in big and small ways. I loved that she wanted to piece the leaf together herself. I’m looking forward to the final product, as I feel like we are capturing something precious.

#preciousmoments #lifefindsaway #puttingthepiecestogether #fightcancer

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