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The Beginning

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Each project starts with a beginning, a spark, that fans into flame. My spark is often offering my services to a person to guide them or their group through a mosaic that they will keep to commemorate a time in their life that was special. When I read her news letter that the Doctors had misinformed her and she would have to go through 33 rounds of radiation after all. She thought she was going to get to skip that part, as she moved from chemo to Breast Rebuild. She expressed disappointment, frustration, and anger, yet she had a plan. To get through this time we were going to celebrate every Friday with a Happy Hour event. At that moment I wanted to document this part of her life with a mosaic. I emailed her my idea. We chatted a little bit about what the mosaic would be… Would it be a wall hanging? A candle holder? or a table? Would it be done at Friday night gatherings or other time? I wanted it to capture the time of year this was going down in her life, so fall was the theme. She could see enjoying it on her back patio. With in a couple of days she found the perfect cement table begging to have a mosaic built on it. We found a design she liked well enough, and discussed how we would modify colors and make it fit the table. After a glass search that was intense yet fruitful, we are ready to build.

Now we add the friends; their touch of each piece of glass as we negotiate the final design, is the love that will remain the the piece forever. At every turn we discover something along the way.

This is the first post we have let fly from the angle of the beginning. It will be delightful to see it all done.

Stand by…

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