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When I saw a photo of a mosaic surfboard, I was hooked and kept looking for other ones. The Internet is helpful that way, you can get lost in looking. After months of my new obsession, surfboards, I started to ask myself, why? I love open water swimming and if I had grown up in a surf friendly state, I believe I would have been a surfer.

At this stage of my life the most challenging thing I think I going to do with a surfboard is put a mosaic on it. I started to “feel around” in my current life and I started asking myself what would need to be on the board. The ideas started coming.

The design would reflect our family as it is now. We had just lost our daughter, and I wanted that to be gently there. We all love the ocean so a wave would be central. When I met my husband, back in the day, he made stained glass, so I wanted the butterflies made by him. Thus, the design was born. It took 9 months to make. The most difficult part were the various sized circles that I cut myself to make up the background.

Every time I see it when I come home from being away, it is there to greet me and always makes me smile for so many reasons.

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