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Slide into Fall and Winter

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Each person creates a side; the end product is a homemade wonder.
It’s that time of year when I turn my attention a little more inward and I want to cozy up inside. The leaves are in their full push to turn colors, which also means nippier mornings are headed my way.I like making candle holders as gifts in this cooler and darker season that stretches into winter. Candle holders make fun group projects, where each participant gets to design one side of the holder out of pre-cut glass. When the four sides come together, the final piece is a loving keepsake made by the special people in your life.The best part is when you light it for the first time.

There is something magical about lighted colored glass, especially in midst of the darkening light of fall.

#happy50thbirthday #groupeffort #everysidecounts #cozyup #wonderoflight #astheseasonschange

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