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Quilted Welcome

Welcome on a sunny summer day!

Quilted Welcome

When you enter our home you are greeted by this soothing and welcoming 3’x 5’ wall mirror. For years I had settled with a way-too-happy and bright piece, made in Mexico, and brought to me by Pier One Imports. It was a mosaic as well, but I really wanted a unique design that fit our personal lifestyle and space. I just needed time and inspiration to create a piece that would subtly suggest to guests what they were likely to find inside.

When I came upon this blue quilt design, it deeply resonated with me. The original design was a photo of a 12” x 18” mirror. My challenge was to reimagine the design for a much larger scaled piece, which then led to various modifications. I figured out that my design would need borders to frame the quilted pattern inside and out, plus angled “anchor” pieces —note the light blue pieces in the upper left and lower right. I started with the borders and anchors as well as a pre-planned section at the top, then I continued to think: “big,” alternating the pieces. Once I got the hang of how these big pieces behaved, I abandoned pre-planning and just began placing a few pieces in at a time. It was a crazy fun challenge for me to cut these pieces to fit perfectly.

I love the gentle warm welcome of a cozy quilt saying, “Life is a little slower here, come in take your shoes off. Let me get you some coffee or tea, and we will chat. Oh we will chat. “

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