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Out of Comfort Zone

Once in a while I need to step way out of my comfort zone and do something new. I thought I knew about glass painting because I painted a little bit last Fall putting names and a date on ornaments. I rolled into class thinking I was going to learn how to use my paints more effectively.

First news blast, was we were going to the instructor's paints and learn a completely different technique. My heart rate went up, but I figured I would just hang on and learn. I am not much of a painter so this was a challenge. I truly enjoyed the technique, and could see the benefits of doing it his way; a technique he has perfected over the past 20 years. We fired this piece twice, first to get the black part of the whales stable. Then we but on the blue wash for the background and wiped out all the white space and fired again putting the whole project on a piece of white glass.

I made this for a friend who loves, loves, loves whales and Orcas to be specific. I knew that if I made a mess of the process she would still love that I had her in mind and she got my first try. There is something so special about the first try.

#orcas #friendwholovesorcas #trysomethingnew #learningaboutglasspainting #outofmycomfortzone

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