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Leaf Table Final Stages

Final touches in Sue's kitchen before transport to my house.

The last step in our Leaf Table project was adding the cement and grout to the mosaic. This phase can be both exciting, scary and then wonderful if we have played our cards right. My friend, Sue, wanted to participate in every part of the project, including this step. Usually when doing group projects like this, I cement and grout on my own, but not this time.

Our cementing process didn’t go as smoothly as originally hoped. There were loose pieces that did not adhere, requiring us to mix up more and then reattach the pieces that didn’t quite stick the first time around. Then we needed to wait.

Grouting day turned out to be as magical for Sue as I had hoped. After adding the grout, she was able to see the whole piece merge together in a new way. It was fun to witness Sue get excited by the subtle, yet amazing transformation. Voila!!

ART is born!

I haven’t decided yet which I like better— the process or the product. Perhaps I don’t have to decide and I can love both! The product lives on, but my memories hold the treasured hours of our many conversations we shared while creating a beautiful mosaic.

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