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Landing the Dream Job

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Mirror in transport... Before the actual mirror was installed

"Landing the Dream Job" Mirror

This collaborative project was pieced together in one evening to celebrate my favorite (and only) niece for landing her dream job, complete with a signing bonus! Along with this big accomplishment came the cute downtown apartment within walking distance from work. She even had a view of the Space Needle from her window!

We took her color scheme and went to work gathering tiles,some beads and round baubles to give it texture. Her parents also participated in this project with us and we completed it in a couple of hours. I used tile tape to secure the design for transportation to the studio where I would then cement and grout the mosaic onto the frame. This is one of my early group projects and I found that if we answered the question, “Why?”, the project seemed to have

an energy of its own.

This beautiful mirror, handmade by the people who love her, would remind her of her success every day. Almost as if the mirror were saying, “Well Done!” “Way to reach for the Stars and get there”. “Your family is very proud of your continued hard work.” The best part is, she liked it too!

#mirror #mosaics #meaningful #dreambig #shootforthestars #love #pridenstride #workhardplayhard

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