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It's a Process

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

A dear and personal project with such a wonderful message. It was an amazing experience with wonderful people! For years that wall was bare and now it carries a message to share with all. Very fitting for Green Lake Elementary.

It's a Process is a 4' by 12' mosaic mural located on the brick wall at Green Lake School in Seattle.   It was a huge project conceived by Linda, artist Haniko O’Leary.   It celebrated Green Lake School and all who touched her family life, especially that of  their sweet daughter, Heather.  The project allowed everyone-students, staff, parents from past and present- to join with friends and work together to create one fabulous and very meaningful mural. As we met with several or just a couple people at a time, we spent time with friends from over the years and added our personal touches with glass and tile. The mosaic is beautiful and the time we got to spend with one another was a priceless bonus. This mural is a "must see"!!! -Cilla

Group photo!

Finished wall

#Mosaic #Art #Itsaprocess #GreenLakeElementary #SeattleSchools #butterflies #caterpillars #rainbows #growth

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