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Graduation Planter

Planter finished just in time...

A graduation is an occasion worth celebrating, but a preschool graduation has an extra tug on our hearts. These children are leaving all traces of their babyhood behind, developing their unique personalities and beginning to walk into a new stage of life called “school”.

One mom was the sole driving force behind this particular project. She planned all the behind-the-scenes actions like the drop off and pick up of the materials and the money collection from the other participants. I provided the technical support, especially in the cement and grout phase, and I hosted the event at my house.

I love all the little hands, each one carefully traced for the design. Their names were then added in unique locations inside the hands. Little children at their creative best.

We did round two when this mom’s second child graduated from preschool. Now both sides of the pot are full of little named hands. I don’t know what we will do when the third child graduates. We have a few years to think about it. He just turned two.

Jack's handprint was a little cleaner when it went out the door.

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