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Chihuly 28

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Heather and Sam enjoying their favorite bright place in the universe.

The challenge of expressing a story through mosaics is what excites me most.

An idea may pop into my head like, “Oh, that would make a great mosaic!” or “I wonder what mosaic I could create to commemorate that moment in time?” Picture frames have become a favorite way to capture a story through mosaics. Sometimes elements in the photo itself are highlighted and other times the interests of the person in the photo inform the design of the mosaic frame. My daughter, Heather, is turning 28 this year. And a few years back, we started creating picture frames for all the “lovers” in her life. Each framed photo has some special qualities about Heather and the caring person she was with. Every year on her birthday we bring out all of the picture frames. This year we will have 13! This is the newest frame for our collection, recently made to celebrate Sam. Sam entered our lives four months ago as Heather’s new caregiver. She let us know her favorite colors are black and bright pink— this inspired me to get to work. Here’s a peek into my process.

#mosiacs #chihuly #happybirthdayHeather #spreadthelove #caregivers #lucky13

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