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Celebrating the Nest

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Commemoration before the kids flew the nest in their favorite spot.

The exciting and scary time when children leave the nest—this was the inspiration for this mosaic. A mother I know was going to have two of her children leave for college one year apart. The goal was to complete this project so it could be presented during their last family dinner together before their first daughter moved away. They are a large family of 8, with six girls, the oldest was 18 while the youngest was 5.

The concept was to freeze the family as they were in that moment, before anyone flew the nest. To do that, each of the daughters used a different color for their signatures and handprints, which were then traced onto fusion glass with fusion paint. Mom and Dad’s overlapping hands made the nest at the bottom. I’ve included a photo of the background we tested out and as you can see one side is more dynamic, the other side calm. “Oh, we have to have the wild side, that feels like my house!” (quote from the mom)

The finished product is a moment in time… The photo itself was taken two weeks before her first born left for college at the family’s favorite ocean location.

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