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Baby "J"

This was made for our early bird baby. After I got know what a fighter he was...

This “J” was made as a baby shower gift after getting to know the little guy for two and a half months. He was born at 26 weeks and spent his last trimester in the UW NICU. During my weekly visits, as I watched Jason struggling to grow, I got to know his family better, discovering that his mom is a soulful artist.

I create mosaic letter art pieces instead of traditional baby quilts for gifts. I want to capture the essence of the family a baby is born into, or what their parents’ dreams are for this new life. My hope is to make something that the child will enjoy perhaps for a long time. In this particular case, I capture part of his story in a subtle way.

I placed a sunrise in the bottom of the design to acknowledge his early arrival. And instead of grouting it white, which would have just gotten him through his baby years, I chose a chocolate brown. There are other hidden treasures within this piece that only the mom knows about, which make this even more unique and personal.

This mosaic letter was my first and favorite so far that I have made for little people entering the world. I think about how scary, hard, and unknown the life journey is for all of us. It’s a good thing we get to take it one day at a time.

Baby Jason is doing really well at age three now and I’m thankful he is part of my mosaic journey. I still remain in touch with his very active beautiful family.

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