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Anniversary Sea glass Seascape

At dinner one night my sister-in-law was talking about the sweet parts of their marriage and raising their kids. Then she said I have a big jar of Sea Glass that we have collected through the years. I have no idea what I am going to with that. My mind started to turn…She was talking about the things that pile up, as we go through life. I was hearing something else.

I asked. A big outside mosaic that would carry the Sea Glass in the design. It would be a great way to celebrate 30 years of marriage, and use some of your glass that is in several big jars. We settled on a seascape, and went to work. About two visits a week over the dark winter months and our Seascape was ready to be mounted.

I learned about transferring a bumpy texture. And the challenge of getting the sea glass clean of all grout. ( baking soda and a tooth brush).

It was a good way to spend some winter time and weave in their love of the Ocean and memories of collecting sea glass through the years as their kids grew.

I love this one because it holds so much of THEM.

#anniversaries #family #seaglass #ocean #memories #winterproject #lovebythesea

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